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We understand just how difficult when you need to meet your project milestones, especially if your budget is tight and deadlines getting ever closer.

Which is why a key part of our job is making sure you get the skills, experience and engineering mindset needed to meet your delivery deadline with no compromise on quality.

Whether deputing engineers to uplift your project, or taking on responsibility for a complete project on or off-site, we’ll do our best to ensure that not only will you complete your project on time, it’ll be done with the right degree of engineering excellence at a cost you can manage.

Design of Assembly Jigs and Sub-Assembly Jigs


Design of Master
Model & Lay-up Tool

Design of Master Model and Lay-up tools (Metallic and Composites), from which the tools laminate is to be made for complex aircraft parts like access doors of Wheel Bin, Bute Doors in Flaps. Design of backing structure and accessories for the lay-up tool and master model.

Ground Handling / Support equipment's

Design of Equipment’s required for safe storing (Storage racks),

Design of –